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Thread: A brief insight into newspaper recycling

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    A brief insight into newspaper recycling

    The first and probably easiest way to recycle a newspaper is to shred it and add it to your existing compost pile, provided that you have confirmed that the ink used is natural and non-toxic. Shredded newspaper will hold moisture and does break down when mixed with the compost.

    You should not add any of the glossy magazine or advertising sections, as they usually contain an extra chemical to add the extra shine on them, which you do not want to add to your "natural" growing mixture.

    Machine shredding is probably the most effective and is easy if you own a leaf shredder, but shredding by hand can certainly do the job.

    If you don't need to shred it, you can reuse newspapers in several other ways e.g. for lining shelves, as a wrapper, to start fires, stuff in leather shoes to retain shape, e.t.c.
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    Yeah...its really interesting to know that there are numerous ways to recycle newspaper or even reusing them again. Thanks for this post Kiran!

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    That is great to see more people thinking in terms of green energy. Our church has started a recycling program and people are very interested in finding ways that we can take better care of the earth. I think one way is to get more green in our decorations, like placing Plant Containers around the church. What do you guys think about that sort of move? It seems like this is our responsibility. Thanks for your comments on this topic.
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    this is very good, we could see that there's still people around that cares for our planet, as it is rapidly ruined by humans also. In, turn we suffer. thanks for the info.

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